Introducing the Frahan Vision Grid


Most organizations, at some point, face the challenge of defining or updating their mission, vision, values, purpose, strategic objectives, … you name it! But before engaging in the exercise of defining these elements (our vision is this …; our mission is that …), it may be useful to clarify precisely what we mean exactly when we say “vision”, “mission”, “values”, etc.

Many seem to believe that these words are self-explanatory, but without an explicit definition, they have a blurry, overlapping, even contradictory meaning. Managers have some ideas about the long-term aspirations for their organization but don’t really care whether it comes out as a mission, vision or value. As a result, it gets all mixed up. I think this conceptual confusion contributes to the cynicism many employees (and managers) feel in relation to their organization’s mission, vision and values. Clarity about what we put into these concepts and how they relate to each other helps focus on the right questions and identify blind spots. Conceptual clarity does not guarantee that your vision, mission and values will be powerful and inspiring, but at least the effort is not compromised from the start. At Frahan we have developed the “Frahan Vision Grid”, a visual map where all these concepts are defined and that shows how they relate to each other to make sure that when you define your mission, you are not actually defining your vision, and vice versa. Using it will make you look from a new, different angle on your mission, vision and values (and related concepts) and might lead you to explore issues you have never considered. Interested in knowing more about the Frahan Vision Grid or drawing up the Vision Grid of your company? Contact us.

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