Antoine Henry de Frahan combines the creativity of a visual facilitator, the insight of an international strategy consultant, the humor of a cartoonist, the intellect of a system thinker, and the talent of an inspiring keynote speaker to create an outstanding experience for audiences at conferences and seminars.


The Concept...

As the discussions progress during the seminar, Antoine makes live drawings on large sheets of paper for anyone to see or on his iPad. He captures the essence of the conversation in a visually effective way. At the end, he delivers a speech illustrated with his drawings.

The speech is witty, brilliant, benevolent, and humoristic. It lightens up the atmosphere, creates an incredible energy in the audience, and provides a synthesis that makes it easy for the audience to remember the key ideas of the conference. Audiences are enthusiastic, always. How do you know this is  true? Check the testimonials below.

Antoine is able to work with complex topics and has performed his art with topics including the digital economy, trends in international finance, the future of work, corporate strategy, organisational design, innovation, and philosophy. He is comfortable addressing sophisticated audiences of senior managers, policy makers, academics, and professionals


What clients say...


"The performance of Antoine Henry de Frahan at our Paris conference has been an essential contribution to its success and to the excellent feedback we received from the participants. Antoine’s humor allows to take some healthy distance from concepts that require a high level of mental concentration. Antoine’s approach, humoristic but always kind and benevolent, transforms abstraction into enthusiasm. Without ever oversimplifying complexity, Antoine is nevertheless able to capture the essence, expressing not only ideas but also emotions. We were delighted."

Christian Merle, Director, FF2P, Paris


"Antoine has the talent to visually synthetize the discussions, and even more to summarize and comment them in a humoristic way. This is an excellent manner to close a conference. It relaxes the atmosphere while anchoring the key ideas into the participants’ minds."

Stanislas van Wassenhove, Attorney, Director of Transmutation and of The Future of Work

"For every Philosophy & Management seminar, Antoine succeeds brilliantly in synthesizing through witty cartoons, in less than 10 minutes, the essence and key messages of our 3-hour long debates, adding thoughtful comments and questions and above all making it all extremely funny without ever turning it into derision. Every time it is a "tour de force" combining humor, intelligence and inspiration. It is simple: we only film his performance and publish it on the web. That's all the world will and should ever remember from our seminars!"

Laurent Ledoux, Director, Philosophie & Management